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Staff member
Nov 15, 2019
Hey everyone

My name is John, I am 30 years old and from Liverpool, United Kingdom. I am a web services provider for my work and in my free time (not that I get much) like playing retro PC games which I am guessing most you will never have heard of such as :

Age of Empire 1 & 2
Theme Hospital
Roller Coaster Tycoon
Airplane Tycoon
Drug Lord

i also mainly play offline games on Xbox one such as Sleeping dogs, Mafia 2 & 3 types of games.

I will come and update this as I think of more.

Thanks for reading!


New member
Dec 12, 2019
Hey Johno, great to see the forums are up and running!

Always wanted to play the Tycoon games, are they any good? Also, I think I need to update my Steam library; would you suggest playing all the the above, or are there a select few you'd suggest starting off with?