Challenge to see who is really leet!?

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New member
Aug 28, 2020
Sooo whoever is reading this! Want a challenge? Install matrix riot with Postgres psql DB on any os but pref ubuntu 20 64bit or most compatible ubuntu 16.4 64bit

Most stable easiest people say is ansible-playbook install of matrix synapse.

Post your finished ISO or proof you did it screenshots etc.

Here is mine i installed it but can not seem to set up a new one, haha it is quite difficult all tutorials run into issues but it is possible using a few tutorials and using ansible-playbook which from my research is the easiest option but maybe i am wrong i am no pro i just Google everything a million times.
If you need notes i made before let me know, it may be better to try to figure it out for yourself as my notes are probably quite confusing.